About Us

Fratelli Casa, meaning House of Brothers in Italian, was created by the brothers Sherzod and Shokhrukh in Tashkent. The very first T-shirt of the brand was sold on May 17, 2006, so this day is symbolically considered the day of the creation of Fratelli Casa. Our audience is active people from all over the world who love practicality and simplicity in clothes. Among our products is something that we can proudly present in any market - t-shirts with oriental patterns. Prints of elegant oriental patterns with a long history on T-shirts made of cotton are our main feature, which has found admirers and admirers in different parts of the world. Fratelli Casa managed to popularize national patterns and translate them into ordinary clothes sold at affordable prices: they have become part of the wardrobe of fashionable compatriots and a great solution as original gifts. Constant calls from Uzbeks and students living and studying abroad, with a request to send them one or another set of clothes, as well as T-shirts with UZB or UZBEKISTAN prints, became another factor confirming the success of the strategy of working with the consumer. Buy our products with history in patterns from hospitable Tashkent.